The feelings and emotional connections encountered when I am creating a piece is the essence of my work. I want people to feel – eliminate numbness. I explore the chaos within - heartbreak, euphoria, jealousy, intimacy, solitude, rage, melancholy, romance, rejuvenation, nostalgia || It is exquisite that we feel so deeply and can understand the complexities we encounter. I am sharing my perspective by reflecting emotions, feelings, and thoughts through pigments, hues, texture, and line usage. Some of my latest pieces are consumed by the idea of contained chaos. I am infatuated with the idea of containing something complex, beautiful, & intricate within a space without escape from the bounds. I often compare the notion of contained chaos to the complex attributes of us as humans. We all hold a collection of energies compacted into ourselves. These thoughts and emotions are the core to what drives us and consumes us. These vital pieces make us who we are, but can often be overlooked. This chaos that makes us who we are is often contained within – it does not seep out from the boundaries of the physical body. This is within you and no one can take that away from you.