My mind slips to you
body still
spine grazing the earth
corpse pose
waves pull back
with no hesitation
and launch forward
to ascend
kissing the shoreline
and pull back again
natural rhythm
I sit on the steps
the sun warms my face
I embrace the radiance
I am the waves
here at the beach house
exclusively existing in my mind.

The day I found myself lying in my bathtub -
Fully clothed and numb,
A violent sting
It hung over me
It beat the hell out of me
It fiercely clutched my insides
And threw them up against the wall
I lost my mind

My two fingers
Pressed into my wrist
A pulse
Heart palpitations
I am here
Some days
You could no longer tell
If it was sweat or tears
Rolling down
My cheeks
Traveling over my shoulders
Descending down my back
When I rested into
Corpse pose
I could not let my mind drive
To the depraved place
The pressure and the shame
Would bubble to the surface
I let my mind slip
To the beach house
Bleached, wooden staircase
Meets the sand
My sanity between
Stretch my body
Coral sky
The sun radiating
Spotlight in the sky
Hot on my skin
I would listen raptly
To the collision of waves
Until I became the waves

It took 17 months
And one day the aching
Conclusively dripped off of me
It trickled down from my mind
And off of my body
It dissolved into the earth

From there this series was born
I lived through the process.